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Chef Martine Courtney Clark 

Chef Martine is from New Orleans, LA. She and her family evacuated to Charlotte

a day before Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Following the breach in the levees, she

decided to make Charlotte her home. In New Orleans, she opened Bite Your

Tongue Take Out and Catering in 2002. She began offering Charlotte a taste of

N'awlins cuisine in June of 2007. She has had much success in the restaurant and

catering business in Queen City.


The white chocolate bread pudding, seafood gumbo "Lulu" and her signature drink "Strango," were her most popular food items. In 2017, when she started at 73 & Main, her love for cooking continued.

During the Mardi Gras season, she prepares gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and

rice. It has been her pleasure bringing a taste of home to Mount Pleasant! She is

the proud mother of two: Lucius Jr., and Alix. She also has two grandkids: Lucius

Ill and Luna. As of November 2021, Martine has opened "Bite Your Tongue"; a

take-out and delivery service in Charlotte, specializing in authentic New Orleans


On August 15, 2022 Martine published her first cookbook titled "Appetizers & Cocktails".  It is compilation of her favorite appetizers and cocktails.  She also created a brand new cocktail, the "Stradka" = Strango + Vodka.  Strango is an exclusive mixer/drink created by Chef Martine.  It is a strawberry, lemonade and mango tea blend.  It is a hit at her restaurant and favorite of her fans.


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